Thursday, March 22, 2007

a few sketches

*edit- ugly sketch deleted ;)

I haven't been posting this past month, so I figured I should post some sketches I did this past week. The second one from the top is of a really, really drunk guy on St. Patrick's Day. We saw him shuffling around at an Irish pub at 4:00 and again when we came back that night. (surprised he never passed out) The third is a sketch I did on the train when I was tired- an awfuly drawn sketch inspired by Lucky. :P The bottom sketch was losely based on a fig. drawing I did.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

sketch & rant

I did this sketch on the train out of frustration from some comments that have been made numerous times. A small handful of fine artists are closed minded in what is considered an art form. Some of these individuals do not consider animation and digital art a true art form. I'm terrible at debating with people, so I drew a little "revenge" sketch instead! For more ranting on this issue, please see Catherine's blog. ;)