Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Etsy store and C2E2 photos

(Catherine signing some beautiful 130# glossy prints)

Catherine and I are happy to announce that we now officially have an Etsy Store! Please check it out at Satrun Twins' Art Shop!  We just got the newest reprints today and are mailing out the preorders tomorrow morning. If anyone else is interested, please visit our etsy store before they sell out. ;)

I have also been wanting to post a few photos from C2E2, our very first time selling art publicly. Our parents helped build our display stand and our sister, Megan, and friend, Celina, helped with the booth. Thanks to everyone! We could not have done this without them!!!

We were so busy the whole time that we didn't get any good photos of us at the booth. Here's what I could dig up:

Friday, May 03, 2013


I think this has got to be the highlight of the weekend at C2E2:

This lovely couple came up to our table last weekend happily eyeing my Super Kiss print. They had JUST gotten engaged at C2E2 and were looking for a keep sake. Congrats Steph and Joe! May you have a super life together!