Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fairy Sketch, work in progress

I wanted to sketch for fun and this kind of came from nowhere. What a pleasant surprise! It should be an angel, but morphed into a fairy. I may or may not keep this path.
I hope to revisit this later. For now I'll post this sketch. ;)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Tales of the Wolfman, WIP

Here's our work in progress contribution to the Tales of the Wolfman anthology. (The final will be in color perhaps with color line work as well!) There are only three days left of this Kickstarter, and it's in need of some love! Please check it out and share! Thank you! ^.^

Thursday, May 01, 2014


C2E2 was a big success! Catherine and I wish to thank everyone who stopped by to say hi this past weekend. It was great to recognize so many faces from previous conventions as well as meeting so many new people. A few new friendships may have even begun to form! 

Of course the biggest thanks goes out to our good friend, Celina Barajas, who helped at the table for Thursday's set up and all three days! (You can find her on Tumblr. We'll all three be sharing a table for Wizard World in August.) Also thanks to our sister, Megan, who helped us set up before catching a flight back to California! We hope she can join us next year!

Thanks again for all the kind words and endless support!

More Photos: Opening reception at Gallery Provocateur:
right side: we met triplets! ;)

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