Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mearra- Selkie From the Sea

Mearra- Selkie From the Sea

Saturday, March 1st, 8:00pm
Irish American Heritage Center
4626 North Knox Avenue, Chicago, IL 60630

Looking for plans this Saturday night? Love Celtic legends and music? Here's a beautiful, heart-filled concert combining music, visuals, and storytelling from Linda Marie Smith. We created the visuals for this unique concert experience. Please check it out. This is the very first performance, and then it will be hitting the road this year!

Linda Marie Smith on the web:

Facebook Event Page: 

NWI Comic-Con

We had a great time at the NWI Comic-Con Sunday! 

It was our friend's, Celina Barajas, first time showing/selling her art at a convention, so she had a great time! Her artwork is behind us, the Hello Kitty mash-up drawings. 

What a fantastic turnout for the NWI Comic-Con's first year! It was great meeting everyone and we're looking forward to next year's convention!

Next convention on our list is C2E2 April 25-27th! :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Art Thieves

Beware of online art thieves! We only sell our art online at Etsy and at Spreadshirt. (possibly society 6 eventually) If you see our artwork on any other site, it is not legit and the sellers are illegally profiting off our art. Please notify us and we will take immediate action against them. Most likely in these cases, they are stealing all or most of the artwork in their online shops. (Apparently Etsy has a huge problem with this. We recently stopped several sellers using our art on cell phone cases.) Please be aware when buying online that you're buying from the artist and not a thief! One way is to check to see if the style and quality of the drawings all match or is a hodgepodge of random images. They will even sometimes claim that all art is done by them, but it can be obvious they are lying. Catherine and I make our entire living off of being artists through freelancing and selling art on the side. It's disappointing every time we find someone stealing another artist's artwork.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Mermaids

(my post titles are sooo not creative.)
Anyway, here's another mermaid piece. ;)

Now on Tumblr!

I just joined Tumblr yesterday, and am still getting acquainted with the site. (As if I need ANOTHER social media account!) Please feel free to check it out, and also recommend artists to follow. Thanks! :)

*EDIT: I went back and made this a joint tumblr page with Catherine.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Mermaid!

Here's a small mermaid piece. 
It's intended to be printed very tiny for a necklace. 

Friday, February 07, 2014

Animation Reel


Catherine and I edited together a new animation reel to reflect the increasing amount of digital animation we have been doing for the past few years. Instead of a written out shot list, we have it listed on the bottom of each shot. We did the character animation- no CG or special effects in any of these shots. Please ask us if you have any questions.

Most of our animation work is for Calabash Animation, but you'll see some personal work and some other studio work in here as well.  (Sadly hand drawn animation is very rare to come by now and we use Toon Boom Harmony for almost everything.) As you can see, Trix has also gone away from being traditionally animated to Harmony animated. I love the style, but prefer hand drawn. Times are changing! For more hand drawn, paint, stop-motion animation, check out my other videos on my youtube chanel. ;)

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Child Study

Here's a lunch time drawing from a photo of a creepy child statue from The Art Institute of Chicago. 

Monday, February 03, 2014

I'm Flying! An evolution of a drawing

Here's the evolution of a drawing titled "I'm Flying!" I was out on a walk one September afternoon about 1 1/2 years ago and encountered this family. They seemed to be having a great time with their father, and the little girl looked at me and exclaimed, "I'm flying! I'm flying!" That totally turned a bad day into a more hopeful, beautiful one. I only had time to sketch the bottom right drawing at the time. Last week I finally went back to it, and thought I would share how it developed.