Thursday, February 20, 2014

Art Thieves

Beware of online art thieves! We only sell our art online at Etsy and at Spreadshirt. (possibly society 6 eventually) If you see our artwork on any other site, it is not legit and the sellers are illegally profiting off our art. Please notify us and we will take immediate action against them. Most likely in these cases, they are stealing all or most of the artwork in their online shops. (Apparently Etsy has a huge problem with this. We recently stopped several sellers using our art on cell phone cases.) Please be aware when buying online that you're buying from the artist and not a thief! One way is to check to see if the style and quality of the drawings all match or is a hodgepodge of random images. They will even sometimes claim that all art is done by them, but it can be obvious they are lying. Catherine and I make our entire living off of being artists through freelancing and selling art on the side. It's disappointing every time we find someone stealing another artist's artwork.

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