Thursday, February 21, 2008

character sketches

I was planning on doing some character animation with dialogue. So I picked a piece of dialogue from the 11 sec. club archive and did a bunch of character designs. Then, after thumbnailing, I dumped it and picked a different piece. So here are a bunch of rejects. ;)


Patach said...

Are you entering into the 11 second club?

Sarah Satrun said...

No. I'm picking an old one and taking my time with it. At first I found a clip of a woman being dramatic, but it seemed too boring. So now I'm planning on animating a Tom Hanks clip. ;)

Patach said...

Ooh, Tom Hanks! Which movie?

Sarah Satrun said...

I don't know which movie it's from. Here's the clip-

(I'm being careful not to watch any of the submissions though as to not influence me)

I still haven't picked a character design I like yet. (I should post the others) Who knows, it may never even go into animation... ;)