Sunday, March 09, 2008


Wow....I just saw another pic from Rupunzel, the new (2009) Disney feature Glen Keane is directing. Here's the link.

After looking at that, I then found these-

Here's a youtube video that someone put together.

Here's an actual clip of animation.

Those might get pulled off by Disney, so watch them while you can! ;)

edit- just found this too- Rapunzel image


seedoi said...

hey did you know that for years Calabash was trying to sell their animated version of Rapunzel? I think there is a quarter inch tape of it somewhere :-)

Patach said...

Weird, I was expecting Rapunzel to be in mostly 2D.

Where's all the traditional stuff I was promised?! :(

Sarah Satrun said...

You're thinking of the Frog Princess. If you google it, you can see a pic. from it.

After starting this in 3d, John Lasseter offered Glen Keane the option to do it in 2d, but he refused because of the advances they were making in 3d.

Patach said...

oh yeah, that's right. The FROG Princess is the one, not Rapunzel.

I looked up the 3D animation technique they were using for Rapunzel, it seems to me like a certain method that Japanese animation studio Studio 4C uses in their 3D, implementing 2D or traditional art onto models to make a really killer cross between the two.

Anonymous said...
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