Saturday, June 21, 2008

Midnight Run

Here's another short Flash piece.
Because the video quality is so poor, I'm posting a still image of it above.


Patach said...

Wow, awesome.

Is this based on the illustration you did a while ago? You should totally put the rider on there if it is!

Sarah Satrun said...

Yes, it's based off that illustration. Originally I was planning on adding the woman rider, but I really like the look of the unicorn on it's own. Maybe I will go back later and add her. Maybe I'm just lazy and don't want to do alllll that follow through. ;) But if I do add her, I'd lose the nice follow through on the mane. :S not sure..... Any thoughts, anyone??

Dan Segarra said...


I love it Sarah! It seems like you and Catherine are really each other's inspiration. I saw that she has some animation up on her blog too. That's really awesome! Keep doing that stuff 'cause it's really important to have others in your life that motivate you to keep pushing through.

It's looking great, but as a little crit, try offsetting the overlap in the upper body from the lower body so they don't move up and down at the same time. It'll loosen up the body and add a sense of energy traveling up the spine.

That's all I've got. Lookin' awesome Sarah, keep it up!

seedoi said...


Patach said...

You may be right about the rider conflicting with the horse's mane. Even if you were to put her seating behind the mane itself, the mane could cover up a good sum of her.

On the bright side, the rider (from the illustration) also had a good flow of hair. You can tone down the mane and bring up the animation in her hair if you ever want to do that.