Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comic-Con 2009

Comic-Con was great as usual! Meeting Glen Keane was the highlight of the trip! He was on an awesome panel with other great Disney animators talking about Walt Stanchfield. I recorded the entire panel. Check back next week for photos and the video. :)

Oh, and this was the other highlight:

David Tennant is a brilliant actor! He's finishing his role as Dr. Who and is currently playing Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Company. We took like a million photos of him to capture his full range of expressions. I will post more later.

I have TONS of pics from the con- went through 4 SD cards! Look for a good amount on my Facebook photos. I'll be slowly adding them throughout the week.


Larry Levine said...

Very cool!!!

Adam said...

Awesome! You met the legend himself, and got panel vid...can't wait to see!

David Tennant is a right hero over here. Have you seen clips and interviews for the new one?

Sarah Satrun said...

Meeting Glen Keane was amazing! He is so talented and very nice!

I love, love, love David Tennant! We have seen the first two of this season months ago. At the panel, they screened trailers for all of the new episodes. omg!!!! The last two are going to be BIG!!!!!! They said everyone's going to be crying! You can look it up on youtube. I heard someone posted the panel there.

pbcbstudios said...

It was great seeing you and Catherine again - thanks for stopping by the booth!