Monday, October 12, 2009

budding artist!

A young artist, Cristina, contacted me asking permission to post some drawings based off some I did on this blog a while ago. You can also see some sketches based off Darryl Young's art as well. ;) Check it out!-

Project Doodle

As far as my own art, I really miss drawing for myself! I've been super busy and have not found too much time for my own art. Hopefully I'll be able to make time soon and start getting back to regular posting. :)


marshmallow said...

uh uh, thank you ^^
i really had fun "stealing" from you, and i sure learned a lot :)

now, i just wish u to find that time for drawing.i'll keep an eye on your blog, so yea, i wanna see more ^^

take care *hugs*

p.s. hey, i have an idea how u can be less busy :P ask you sis to do your things, at least physically, no one will notice the difference, hehe ;)

Nicolette said...

I came across you and your sisters' work at random. I LOVE your work!!

Nicolette said...

I'm an animation student by the way =D

Robolly said...

I've been finding myself rather lax in my Meanderbox drawing -- I'm finding so many distractions these days (maybe that's not bad -- maybe my brain needs more material to work with).

Oh, I did like the work of your quasi-protege (or whatever)... Golly -- you are inspiring the next generation!