Sunday, February 03, 2013

Stop Working For Free!

Here is a great rant by the ever so talented Stephen Silver that I just have to share here (in addition to all my other social media sites). Please watch this short six minute rant:

Stephen Silver: “Stop Working For Free!”

Catherine and I occasionally get asked to do free work. In some situations, like artist collaboration or charity/good causes, it's totally acceptable, but in most cases it's big corporations who are profiting off of starving artists. This is WRONG! Do not do this! It drives down prices and shows little to no respect for artists. My favorite quote from this rant is, "For me, in order to do that drawing that you need, even if it takes me ten minutes to do, you know, the reality is, it's taken me FORTY YEARS and ten minutes to do because of all my experience...." This is so true! I have given my entire life from as long as I can possibly remember towards improving as an artist. That means taking classes even still to this day, and really sacrificing having much of any social life or down time. Besides, why would I do something for free for someone else when I have a million things of my own I am dying to find time to work on?! My time is worth a lot and I will only work with clients who respect me as an artist. Don't waste time on people who don't show you respect!

Update: Stephen Silver is now starting a series of videos on business matters such as this. Here's the next one: Protect You Art Career 2

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