Wednesday, April 10, 2013


more unused concept art I did for a job.
hopefully this project will be online soon.


Nukiuk said...

These are interesting and very cute. Now I want to know what the story is. (I assume animation or book?) Something involving the wind I take it from the name. The Wind is one of may favorite fairy tale characters but you have one of the best depictions of him I've seen.

At least I hope that's whats going on and the title doesn't just make me look silly...

Sarah Satrun said...

Thanks! It's depicting wind, but this is from the selkie story. These were just concept art pieces for a concert. The final look is very different.

Nukiuk said...

I love concept art, there seems to be a raw energy in it that's hard to get out into a series of moving drawings.

I also like the story of Selkie, and of the others in folk lore in general so I up this goes well.