Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Love Yourself! Process of a Digital Art Piece

I thought I would share a peak into my process on this new piece. Here's the line drawing. I made the lines brown originally so that I could later adjust the color if I wanted it more black or a slightly different color.

Next is a step I often skip, but plan on implementing more. This is one of two pages of color studies. (I didn't care for my first page) I liked the idea of making her a more unique color such as blue, but the first color scheme was everyone's favorite when I asked other artists to pick one. It's my favorite too, so I ran with it!

Here's the image colored in with a paper texture I had scanned and layered in.

I used a "clipping mask" to add tone and highlight layers. Afterwards, I flattened the hearts to play around with re-positioning them because I thought that the top left heart was too close to her head, so I moved it to the left and then decided to change a few more of the hearts as well.

I think this is done, but will look at it with a fresh eye tomorrow.

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