Monday, June 11, 2007

Along Came a Spider!

Until now, this blog has been only for my sketches and animation. But, I just had to share this story:

Saturday afternoon I was in the basement, picking up a pile of dish towels to throw in the washing machine. At the bottom of the pile was a HUGE, SCARY SPIDER!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! I screamed and captured it with a cup before it ran too far. A few minutes later, Catherine, Megan, and I all stood around it wide-eyed trying to figure out what the heck it was! We'd never seen such a big spider in our house before, so we took pictures and video with our cell phones. (see video above- Catherine took the video with my phone while i held the flashlight) Then, we put it in a jar and examined it. Megan thought it looked like a POSIONUS Brown Recluse Spider! It’s the only poisonous spider in our area. It had 6 eyes and a strip on its abdomen. But, later Megan’s fiancĂ©e said it’s not a brown recluse spider because of the eye arrangement. Well, whatever it is, I really hope we don't have more!!!! :o

Update- Someone at work identified it as a Wolf Spider. :D


Dan Segarra said...

Crazy! ... but awesome reference.

Jasmin found a huge beetle in the house yesterday. Looks like the buggies are comin' out for the summer.

Patach said...

Found a few spiders in my doritos a couple days ago.

It was the worst experience I had with doritos.

Seraya Fulton said...
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Tim from figure drawing. said...

spiders can be scary, i found one sitting next to me smoking a cigarette while i'm typing to you. btw your artworks are great!

Dave Pryor said...

OMG - how scarry! I would have never gone in the basement again!

Hey, Thanks for the nice words on my blog. I hope I get into some festivals with it.

Anonymous said...

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