Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stupid Shoes!

This sketch is based off of what happened to me last Saturday. A group of us went to see a sneak peak of Ratatouille. I wore dress sandals (no heels) thinking we wouldn’t be walking around too much. But, we did walk back and forth between Navy Pier and the AMC River East a few times- By the end of the night, every step I took was incredibly painful! When I got home, I realized that the sandle straps had actually rubbed my skin away! OUCH! When you buy a pair of shoes, you assume you should be able to walk in them! >,<


Amada Rosas said...

I know how that feels. I have had that happen to me a couple of times.

fashion said...

nice post....i too felt it with my previous shoes....but now iam ok with the nike shoes....great shoes!!