Saturday, August 02, 2008

Comic-Con '08- part 4

Satuday, July 26th:
Kristine interviewed Craig McCracken at Lauren's Galaxy Girls booth.

Kristine interviewed Jerry Beck at the ASIFA booth.
Jerry was really great to talk to and very helpful in tracking down some information we're trying to obtain. More on that later, I hope.
ASIFA is putting together a really cool online archive! We got to see some of it there. It was really amazing!

Thanks to our friend, Ben, we're big Doctor Who fans. This is by far the best David Tennent look-alike!

We kept trying to meet Darwyn Cooke. He had a table, but we never saw him there. Then he had a signing, but we forgot to bring his comics with us! Darn! Maybe next year!

small taste of the crowds

Bolt panel- Chris Williams and Byron Howard

UP director, Pete Doctor discussing the newest Pixar film
He had the most awsome facial expressions!

I'm such a GEEK!
no, once again, I didn't get to meet him. :(

ASIFA had a panel with Ralph Bakshi. He was an interesting character. I didn't agree with most of what he said, but did like the fact that he encouraged young animators to get out there and create.

beautiful way to end the day


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I'm sure you already know the character The Mad Bomber/Ted Dymer from the "Grey Ghost" episode of the Animated Batman was not only voiced by Bruce Timm he was also a cartoon version of him

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