Thursday, October 27, 2011

low budget animation

Here's a low budget music video/advertisement everyone in studio worked on about a month ago. I animated the two main characters from the 2:28 minute mark to the end. It's very low budget animation, but it works well and serves it's purpose. I really wish I would have had the opportunity to really dive into the animation a bit more. But more and more clients these past few years are slashing budgets both in and out of the studio. This was the first spot I have animated directly in Toon Boom Harmony using "puppets". No Flash! Toon Boom has it's advantages, but it's also way more technical and highly involved.

So, that's an example of low budget animation. I should post some other animation samples soon.

1 comment:

Wayne W said...

Pretty rad though that this company would go to such lengths to advertise a sciencey freezer, even if it is low budget. And it does totally get the job done.