Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Character Rigging

I've been meaning for the absolute longest time, to post screen grabs of what the network looks like in Toon Boom Harmony. This is a character rig I built for a personal project. 

For non animators, I don't even know how to quite describe this to you. This is not for hand drawn animation, obviously. This is a character "puppet" rig. For each part of the character, there is a module for that piece and then they all have to hook up to pegs. Then I added a lot more technical things to this to make it work just right. For example, if the arm goes over the body, an outline appears so that the arm doesn't get lost over the body color. I did the same with the flower in her hair and got really crazy with the modules. It's a lot, but it works very nicely! Yes, it's far more technical than Flash, but once you know it, it's far superior! During Christmas break I am hoping to find a few days to animate. Several jobs and potential jobs have been keeping me really swamped. 

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