Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mearra- Selkie From the Sea

Catherine and I are working with local Chicago musician, Linda M. Smith, to provide the visuals for her upcoming concert, Mearra- Selkie From the Sea, next year. We're quite excited to be part of such a beautiful performance, and to be working with so many talented people. Please check out the promotional video for the concert, which incorporates our work. Also, be sure to follow her Facebook page to stay updated on her concerts.

"Mearra- Selkie From the Sea brings together original songs, rich orchestrations and evocative imagery, for a one of a kind live music performance. The family friendly show is inspired by the timeless celtic myth of the selkie; a unique seal with the ability to transform into a human."
- Linda M. Smith

To see the uncut version of our work on this, check it out here:

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Kevin S. Mcleod said...

That's really cool. Looks like it will be a good show.