Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Drawing Workshop

Last Thursday was a bittersweet day for many Chicago artists, because it was the last day George Sotos ran The Drawing Workshop. Catherine and I have been going there for several years, and will really miss it. Everyone wishes to extend their thanks and gratitude to George for his 43 years of dedicated teaching, and wish him the best for the next chapter of his life and art pursuits. He is truly one of a kind, and can easily be described as Chicago artists' "Jedi Master" for his unique methods. He is most known for his method of teaching "visual vocabulary" through the use of building every bone in the human skeleton hollow, and drawing sacrums to better see nature's organic three-dimensional form. I am really glad we were there for the last class, and to see the students leave one by one, the music silenced, the lights turned off, and the door locked. I will cherish the memories of this class close to my heart wherever life may take me.

VIDEO: The Drawing Workshop was on Chicago Tonight: 

INFORMATION: For anyone wishing to take classes in that space, Lillstreet Art Center will be offering classes there. Supposedly all of his classes except his visual vocabulary class are supposed to continue through this other art center.


Robert Wolf said...

I attended the workshop whenever I was in Chicago and have a deep respect for George Sotos. I tried to convince him to put his method of teaching anatomy into a book. He balked. Does anyone know how to contact George?

Sarah Satrun said...

Unfortunately no, we do not have his contact information. We did see him this past December and it sounds like he's really enjoying his retirement. :)