Thursday, July 03, 2008

Batman: Gotham Knight

We went to Wizard World last Saturday and saw a sneak peak of Batman Gotham Knight. (It's the same concept of Animatrix-a bunch of shorts by different directors.) Bruce Timm was there on the panel afterwards. He was executive producer on this. (He's the third guy in the photo above.) I would love to meet him some day. He's the reason I got into comic books. I loved the animated Batman, Superman, and Justice League series! Actually, the crew had a signing Sunday, but because I had a professional pass I'm not allowed to go to the signings. (cuz I got in free.) Maybe I'll get to meet him at Comic-Con??? ;)


K McLeod said...

How was wizard world? Couldn't make it this year, no money.

Sarah Satrun said...

It was ok. Last year's was better. It's nothing compared to Comic-Con though. :S