Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comic-Con'08- part 1

Late last night we just got back home from the BEST vacation EVER!!!! :D (except for losing my sketchbook) We actually had more fun at Comic-Con this year than last. (but not as energetic) I'm going to try really hard in this next week to be selective as to which photos to post. (Between the 9 of us who went, we have waaaaayyyy too many photos!) I'll be posting more on myspace and facebook later. ;)

Wednesday, July 23: (Preview night)

Goodbye Chicago!

Hello San Diego!

Here we are with some of the Disney guys who put together the much anticipated Who Is Rocket Johnson? book.

There was quite a long line to get their book opening night and I felt bad for the people's whose tables we were all blocking by standing in line. :S

Kristine was happy to see the Flight artists. :)

me with Paul Levitz, president of DC Comics