Thursday, July 31, 2008

Comic-Con '08- part 2

Thursday, July 24th:

I know when most people hear "Comic-Con" they just think it's a convention full of comic-book geeks. Yes, there are plenty there, but there's so much more! It's a lot more animation, film, and tv than just comics. In fact, I heard one woman complaining that she didn't like the convention and didn't see any comics! (Apparently she was looking in the wrong places.) We go for the animation aspect of it and this was really a great year for it! In the following posts, I'm going to concentrate more on the artists than the comics side of things. So even for all of you artists who aren't into comics, Comic-Con is really worth checking out! (If you're in the biz, you can register for the professional pass and get you and a guest in for free.) I'd love to see you there next year!

(not pictured- We went to a Disney storyboarding panel. It was really fun! But the pictures turned out all blurry.)

(*edit- got cool new photo from friend) :)

Right after the Disney panel, we got into the Dr. Who panel 22 minutes late, but caught enough. They were doing a Q&A when we came in and showed a trailer for this year's Christmas episode.

When Celina went to buy her copy of Rocket Johnson, John Musker was there. So we talked to him a bit, mainly about Chicago. (He's from the North Side.) Unfortunately we didn't have our copies of the book on us for him to sign and he was flying out to Chicago the next day.

The crowds were overwhelming this year. They were actually sold out completely a week before. I overheard this conversation.

Here we are taking a break from the crowds before heading over to a cocktail party.

We joined the LA chapter of Women in Animation for a cocktail party at the Marriott.

Then after the WIA party, we went back to the convention and watched a Will Eisner documentary.

other interesting panels (that we didn't go to) Thursday-

Indies in Comics, Comic Book Law School 101, Building your Art Portfolio, Animation on a Shoestring budget, how to write a pitch, Bill Plympton.....

and much, much more!

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