Saturday, August 04, 2007

Comic-Con- part 5

Saturday, July 28th-

We skipped The Simpsons panel to go meet more artists. We tried to get to the Heroes one, but the line was closed even though we got there really early! (There's always next year, hopefully.)

The Futurama panel was the best!!! The voice cast and Matt Groening were there. They handed out little comic books to everyone and did a table reading of it, announcing their comback. It was really cool!!! Pictured below is the cast and under that is Matt Groening and John DiMaggio, the voice actor for Bender.

Joss Whedon was there talking about his projects. I'm just a Buffy fan, so I didn't know what he was talking about most of the time. (Haven't watched his other shows-I'm sure they're really good though- just haven't had time.)
The highlight of the day was going to see the 10th anniversary sing-a-long screening of the Buffy musical episode, Once More With Feeling. That was AWSOME!!!! We got there 2 hours early, sat in on the panel before it to make sure we had seats. Apparently the WHOLE room was cramed full of Buffy fans and hardly anyone was there for the Comic Book Club meeting there before Buffy. Well, a HUGE line was forming outside- turns out there were about 2,000 fans wanting to see the Buffy musical but the Comic-Con powers that be only gave us a small room. It almost turned UGLY!!!! They opened another room nearby, but many fans were still turned away. :( Other than that, it was GREAT!! This screening was graciously put together by Thanks!

One more cool pic to share:
That Jack Sparrow really did his homework- he studied Johnny Depp's swagger & his other movements from the movie- he had it down! :D

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