Thursday, August 02, 2007


At Comic-Con, there was a young teenage superboy struting around the whole weekend. After Doomsday, we even saw him sitting on the front seat on a bus all happy and proud. ;)

Remember to see Catherine's blog for more on Comic-Con!


Tevik Avakyan said...

Your sketch is really nice, You captured the character perfectly. I missed seeing this guy at comic con but did see like a seven foot skinny spiderman that I was trying to sketch later.

boob said...

I'm surprised you girls are still in one piece! There were several times I thought you'd both explode from excitement overload! You two snapped some good pics and thanks for picking up one of the last books I had available. Start packing for next year!

Sarah Satrun said...


I'm like the only person who missed the lanky spiderman! Man! Everyone saw him but me! I was trying to exchange cold hotdogs for hot ones when he walked by, so I missed him!

shou' said...

Haha cute. Nice sketch.