Thursday, August 30, 2007


A group of us were at Lincoln Park Zoo this afternoon sketching animals. I was sketching a very large gorilla a few feet away on the other side of the glass. She turned her head and looked at me sketching her. Then she turned around and sat right in front of me, head resting in her hands, staring at me through the glass, perfectly still. Soon, the rest of our sketch group gathered around and we attracted a crowd. Only the gorilla's eyes moved as a crowd quickly formed around us. It was soooo cool! Unfortunately, I get nervous when people are around me when I'm trying to draw, so this is all I got before she left.
We're probably going back to the zoo next Friday if anyone's interested. Though, I can't promise I can make a gorilla pose like that again. Sorry! ;)


k. borcz said...

You captured the expression and eyes of the gorilla really well. Awesome

Alikins said...

so cool! i love it! and i feel your anxiety as well. i really do not to be watched while working, it's not nerves, but, i just can't focus! :) and forget about it if you dangle something shiny in front of me! haha

hey thanks for stopping by my blog! and for your sweet comments ~ i appreciate it :) hopefully soon i'll have more stuff up!

Anonymous said...

good job. u r good it even looks like a real giraffe just joking it really does look like a gorilla. keep drawing u r great