Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comic-Con- part 1

Wednesday, July 25th-
We got into San Diego around lunch time and went straight to the bed and breakfast. Now, we had been calling every place in the San Diego area and could NOT find any affordable rooms left. So, we found this little bed&breakfast on Coronado Island. The online reviews were true- it was very small and dirty. Dust in corners everywhere- nothing had really been deep cleaned in a while. It looks like they just do small light cleaning. The comforter was disgusting! ^,^ So we threw it off the bed and only slept with the sheet. And don't get us started on the bathroom!!


Amada Rosas said...

Well, welcome back! Can't wait to see more Comic-Con posts. As for the bed eek! ~.~ lol

Patach said...

That reminds me about the low budget motel that me and my family went to during a trip to Taiwan. Dirty sheets, dirty room, and cockroaches in the bathroom.

I think what happened was my mom freaked and took us to a better hotel a couple hours later.